The button has been pushed and my gratitude journal has now been PUBLISHED :) It will be live on Amazon in a few days.

Gratitude every day

Over the past few months, during the lockdown period I have been writing more than normal in my daily journal. I really enjoy it and...

Writing prompts for kids

Got bored kids? Needing some ideas for writing prompts for them? With the changes that have happened to us all

Getting the kids outdoors

Getting the kids outdoors and away from the temptations of screens and lazing around on the sofa is becoming a bigger deal these days.

My goodness that was a quick month!

Our extra leap year day is just about over and then February is done! How did that happen? There has been lots happening with us

Happy New Year

January 2020 has come along this year with a bit of a hoolie and some warm weather. It was a delight this morning to wake up and see...

Book Giveaway

Calling all adventurous children. I'm giving away a copy of both of my children's books. Molly and Eddy Go Skiing and The Mice Riders and

Illustrations and motivations

I have been grappling a bit with illustrations rather than writing this week. I have a couple of stories that I have been working on....

The Maze - a weekend story

I often try to write something sparked by our adventures outdoors. This weekend was no different. Sometimes it is a blog post, sometimes a

Little Trekkers Blog Post out now

I may have said before, but I write blog posts for Little Trekkers a kids adventure clothing company . We share...

Test / beta readers required

There has been a bit of writing as well as other outdoor activities going on the rainy days over the holidays in our house.