Daily Gratitude Journal:  Write your way to better health and happiness

Daily Gratitude Journal: Write your way to better health and happiness

The ideal journal to help you learn to be happy and healthy. Starting or ending each day with gratitude is proven to be a sure way to create a happier and healthier you. Using this journal you can write down what you are grateful for, the best bit of your day and who has brought you joy. There is also space for you to explore challenges and create solutions for them.


The book has plenty of positive affirmations spaced throughout it and allows you the opportunity to copy one down to think about during the day or to make up your own. With all the links between exercise and positive mental health, there is also a space for you to record your daily steps and any other exercise taken during the day.


Things you will love about this journal:

•The way it is structured it is easy and clear to follow

•It is filled with positive affirmations for you to use on a daily basis

•It can be filled in either in the morning or the evening often finding the best time for you to write is critical to it becoming a habit that you will repeat each day

•Blank dates so you can start at any time allowing you to miss a day without feeling guilty about it.

•12 weeks’ of pages for you to fill in, enabling you to create a positive habit for yourself

•Its size (6 x 9 inches) which is small enough to carry with you, yet big enough to have space to write everything you want down.

•The reminder to do some exercise and create positive habits through movement as well.


Practicing gratitude is recognised to be one of the most effective things that you can do yourself to be able to transform your life and create the happiness and health that you deserve. Writing in your journal on a daily basis can help you to increase your awareness of all the positives in your life and therefore focus on them and increase your overall contentment with life. Make it the first step towards a more positive you.


Reviewers say:  I think the journal is fab, simple and solution focused. Jane Stewart, Mind over Matter Scotland


“Journaling is scientifically proven to positively impact your mood and combined with gratitude can really improve your mental health and well-being. Nancy has written a fantastic gratitude journal that is packed with inspiring affirmations and beautifully laid out pages that guide you to record everything that you are thankful for on a daily basis. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to maintain or improve their mental health” Derek Tate, MSc Applied Positive Psychology.


As a therapist, I am aware of the power of positive affirmations, particularly in preventing burnout and emotional distress. Getting in touch with our creative selves has also been proven to be healing during stressful life events. This journal is a timely and supportive tool for these unprecedented and troubling times, and serves as a reminder of the support that we have as well as helping us realise that we do have things to be grateful for. Asking us to focus on the positives of our day whilst also acknowledging the difficulties could allow the reader to take a compassionate view of their life, thus making positive action more accessible.The informal handwritten font is a joy that invites and encourages the reader to express themselves and engage with their inner creative self, whilst the structure and consistency of the journal allow the reader to appraise each day in a familiar, non intimidating and user-friendly manner. I can recommend this journal to anyone looking to become more aware of what is good in their life and how they can overcome obstacles to their wellbeing! Marie Sivewright - Counsellor