River Spey Canoe Guide

River Spey Canoe Guide

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This illustrated guide will help you plan your journey along the River Spey, one of the Uk's classic canoe and kayak touring rivers.


The river can be navigated from Loch Spey to Spey Bay.  The book divides it into seven sections.  These can be paddled as day trips or combined into multi day adventures.  Each section is described in detail and includes agreed access and egress points, local attractions and accomodation details. to help you plan your trip there are multi day itineraries provided.


Whether you opt for a multi day trip or a single day on the river, you will find all you need to prepare for your journey in this book.  


The River Spey is a stunning river that should be on every paddlers tick list and this guide will help you make the most of your journey.


    An indespensible guide to the River Spey from source to sea.  Written by River Spey local canoe guide and coach, Nancy Chambers.


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