• Nancy Chambers

Book Review - The seriously extraordinary diary of Pig by Emer Stamp

The seriously extraordinary diary of Pig by Emer Stamp is not a book that I had ever heard of before last week. A trip to the library was spent laughing out loud when we read the title. Then even more when we read the first chapter of the book. It does say onto the cover 'The funniest book of the year' They might be right :)

It follows pig, cow and duck on some completely bonkers adventures, where things just don't go according to plan for any of them. The animals end up chasing off to france with Ki-ki the turkey, disguised as seagulls to find cow. Cow had by this point been kidnapped by helicopter by Ivanna Hertchew of Maison Morbeede. This was following cow, pig and duck falling through the roof of their farmers house!

The adventures are laugh out loud funny and encourage you to read in funny voices, the writer has captured the character of many of the animals and given them human characteristics too.

At 204 pages of easy to read writing, in short chapters. It is a fantastic book to read together as an early chapter book, or for early readers to read by themselves. (I would recommend reading it with them!)

You can get the book through all good bookshops, if you are local in our area I would recommend The Bookmark in Grantown or Waterstones in Aviemore, You can also order it through your local library. If you decide to order it through the link above on amazon, I get a small affiliate fee. Happy reading.

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