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The button has been pushed and my gratitude journal has now been PUBLISHED :) It will be live on Amazon in a few days. Link to follow.

In the past few weeks I have sent it out to some folks that I trust and I have been delighted with the feedback that they have given.

“Journaling is scientifically proven to positively impact your mood and combined with gratitude can really improve your mental health and well-being. Nancy has written a fantastic gratitude journal that is packed with inspiring affirmations and beautifully laid out pages that guide you to record everything that you are thankful for on a daily basis. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to maintain or improve their mental health” Derek Tate, MSc Applied Positive Psychology.  

"I think the journal is fab, simple and solution focused."

Jane Stewart Mind over Matter Scotland.

"As a therapist, I am aware of the power of positive affirmations, particularly in preventing burnout and emotional distress. Getting in touch with our creative selves has also been proven to be healing during stressful life events.

This journal is a timely and supportive tool for these unprecedented and troubling times, and serves as a reminder of the support that we have as well as helping us realise that we do have things to be grateful for.

Asking us to focus on the positives of our day whilst also acknowledging the difficulties could allow the reader to take a compassionate view of their life, thus making positive action more accessible.

The informal handwritten font is a joy that invites and encourages the reader to express themselves and engage with their inner creative self, whilst the structure and consistency of the journal allow the reader to appraise each day in a familiar, non intimidating and user-friendly manner.

I can recommend this journal to anyone looking to become more aware of what is good in their life and how they can overcome obstacles to their wellbeing!"

Marie Sivewright - Counsellor

You can get your copy at a special introductory rate of only £4.99 until the 4th October. It will then go back to its normal price of £5.99. If you do buy and use it please, please, please leave a review on Amazon, it helps immensely and I love to hear your feedback too.

Happy journalling.

Amazon link to follow, However in the mean time, here is the link to my other books, if you don't fancy buying them from this website.

These are affiliate links and I may get a small referral fee if you buy through these. Thank you if you do.

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