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Cairngorms Lyric

As part of a recent staff training event, all the staff were challenged to write a Cairngorms Lyric, with a bottle of gin or whisky as a prize for the best one. At the writing workshop that I had gone to with Merryn Glover I had heard of the Cairngorms Lyric. I believe that she had a hand in making it up! But what fun to do, giving yourself boundaries to create a new piece of writing. So what are the boundaries?

A Cairngorms Lyric is made up of: 15 words An element of nature in the Cairngorms Park area At least one non-English word

It can be any number of lines, one or many.

Can have any punctuation that you like.

It creates poets out of all of us :)

Coorying behind the cairn,

cold wind hurtling,

eyes squinting,

lashes filtering snow,

Grimace, brace, go....

Unfortunately I didn't win the gin, however I was super chuffed today to hear that my Cairngorms Lyric had got a special commendation mention when they had all been looked through.

It was such fun to do I had to have another go, this time thinking about heading out for a wee adventure with my kids and finding frogs.

Finding frogs

Jump, splash, squelch,

hip, skip, belch,

rolling, heather, fun,

explore, furkle, STOP!

watching... hopping... plop!

Why not have a go yourself, I'd love to hear what they are:)

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