• Nancy Chambers

Children's Book Review Billy and the Mini Monsters: Monsters in the Dark

Billy and the Mini Monsters Written by Zanna Davidson and illustrated by Melanie Williamson. This book is an Usborne Young Readers Book, so perfect for those who are starting to read by themselves, although it is still suitable to read to your children as well. We found it a laugh out loud book and really enjoyed it.

I have created another wee youtube film for it here https://youtu.be/9ucQDwsOLBw

Billy's scared of the dark, so he's trying hard to stay awake ALL night. But then he hears a squeaky little voice and notices some tiny purple footprints. Not only that, SOMETHING has ATTACKED his cheese sandwich. We loved reading this book, it is a perfect book for reading with your kids or encouraging them to read independently.

I bought this book from a bookshop The Bookmark in Grantown on Spey (it's an absolute treasure of a bookshop, Marjory who owns it has a wealth of knowledge about books and you always leave with something interesting).

You can also buy it from other retailers including Amazon https://amzn.to/3m1aGxu

If you decide to order it through the link above on amazon, I may get a small affiliate fee. Happy reading.

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