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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

We are constantly reviewing things. How we are doing at a task, where we are going when we are going to arrive, they are all under review on an everyday basis. The reviews we make of these things allow us to function and hopefully create a better mini world for ourselves, before taking that leap of faith!

We are always asked for reviews of things we have bought too. That is why I am writing this blog post.

As a relatively unknown writer how do you let people know you are there? One of the big ways is by having reviews of your books, it might be a short one liner that you jot down in an email to an author, but it also may be a review of a book that you have bought and read. I am in the process of realising how important these reviews are for folks and now routinely review books once I have read them, whether I bought them at the charity shop, direct from the author, a bookshop locally or online. Those reviews are really important to authors.

Here's a recent review that I wrote for Jamie McDonald and his book Adventure Man. I read it on a Kindle through the Kindle unlimited programme, which is great for my reading habit. Although obviously nicer to read in print.

The review doesn't have to be long, but it is great if it tells you a little about the book and why you liked it or disliked it. Can I encourage you to do the same?

Oh, and if you are at a loose end, please feel free to review any of my books on Amazon, Goodreads, or just drop me a wee line. I am delighted with them all. Happy reading.

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