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The Maze - a weekend story

Kids exploring a maze
Exploring the maze

I often try to write something sparked by our adventures outdoors. This weekend was no different. Sometimes it is a blog post, sometimes a short story, sometimes something longer and more in depth. This weekend was pretty wet and when we went off to meet up with some friends we headed outdoors kitted in full waterproofs. It is lovely exploring their local area. One of the the things we found on our adventure was a fab maze which we and the kids all explored. I used this as the basis for this wee short story, fun to share as part of this blog. I love giving myself prompts and challenges in my writing. What has been your most recent writing prompt?

If you want to read the story, hop below the line.


The wind howled around us. The track ahead looked cold and wet. The maze around was tall enclosing us in stony darkness, despite it being the middle of the day. Keep taking one step forward we told each other. We will find the end; the treasure will be there. We got to a junction, which way now? Left or right? We chose right and continued fighting our way through the wind. Each step gaining us a reward of the freezing rain blasting us in the face.

A spark of light, splitting through the sky caught our eye. A glint off to the left, turn that way we thought. The light starting to soften the rounded edges of the stones creating the maze. All of a sudden the day took at brighter turn. It seemed less daunting to continue on. The weather dictating our mood.

The puzzle on the ground kept going, the decisions challenging. Doubling back each time we got it wrong. Tiring as we walked, we could feel that we were getting closer to the treasure in the middle. The wind was reducing all the time, the weather turning and making the day much more pleasurable.

A chink in the maze, the stones lighter in colour, a glimpse of the treasure. We would get there. A bubble of excitement rushing through us. We moved quicker and quicker towards the centre. The wrong turns making less impact on our mood.

There it is in the centre! The treasure, our goal and end. Picking it up in our hand, a joyous whoop escaping us. Charging the air with happiness and achievement. Exploring the maze, challenging the weather, enjoying the day. Sitting down and munching on the snacks found in the middle…… now which way out?

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