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Writing prompts for kids

Got bored kids? Needing some ideas for writing prompts for them? With the changes that have happened to us all over the past few weeks I have been trying to be creative with my own two in "school time". Yes, we have been using computers for some of our online school via their teachers and google classroom, but we are also writing some stories down too which has been great fun.

"The frog that jumped over the moon" is my favourite so far. Not because it is an absolutely amazing story, but it is one that my wee one wrote, helped a bit by his big brother and those are the things that are making it more special for me to read.

I sent my kids round the house to find an object (in our case a frog and a snake), to think of an action (jumping and swimming) and a feeling (happy, curious) and finally a place (the moon, the pond and space) Once they had gathered all their topics, we started to get our ideas together and came up with a framework for the story that had a beginning, middle and an end to it. We often like a funny bit in our stories too, so we add one in if it doesn't happen naturally. Lots of fun, even if we don't write them all down, it gets the boys thinking creatively for a while.

Another of the prompts that I have using with my kids are Rory's Story Cubes which are again great for getting them to think out of some really random and funny stories.

You can buy these through all good bookshops, if you are local in our area I would recommend The Bookmark in Grantown or Waterstones in Aviemore, both are offering online ordering at present. If you decide to order it through the link above on amazon, I get a small affiliate fee.

Some prompts for your kids this week? How about a bird, the woods, singing and happy as a start? I'd love to see what stories come out of these and if you want to share them with me I will publish them (if suitable) on this page for others to read. Happy writing. :)

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