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Book review - Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

We have just finished reading Billionaire boy by David Walliams with our seven year old and

our nine year old has just been to see the play at Eden Court in Inverness. So I though I would do a quick review of the book.

The story follows Joe Spud in his quest to find a friend. Joe is the richest boy in the country, he has everything including 2 million pounds from his dad as a birthday treat. He doesn't have any friends though. He leaves his posh school and starts at the local school, all goes well until folks find out about his money. He also finds out along the way that money can't buy you friendship either. Life for Joe goes through a good number of strange scenarios however it all works out in the end with friendship appearing on the horizon as the money disappears the other way.

'The funniest bit for me was riding Raj's super trike' 7 year old

'I loved all the weird school dinner's. I'm glad our school canteen is not like that! Blue tack burgers, YUCK! 9 year old.

I found it worth a read and full of adult humour as well as humour for the kids, so a good read together book. Overall a funny and enjoyable book.

You can get the book through all good bookshops, if you are local in our area I would recommend The Bookmark in Grantown or Waterstones in Aviemore, You can also order it through your local library. If you decide to order it through the link above on amazon, I get a small affiliate fee. Happy reading.

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