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Book Review - The Amazing Adventures of Donna the Dog by Nina Saunders

The amazing adventures of Donna the Dog; Donna finds her forever home is a lovely wee book written by Nina Saunders and illustrated by Yolanda Spooner. I think it is aimed at the 3 - 7 year old age bracket. It is a true story about Donna who is a Romanian Street Dog. She gets rescued by an organisation called the Balkan Underdogs. Meanwhile in Scotland Nina is looking for a dog to rescue. It follows the story of how they link up and Donna subsequently travels to Scotland and meets Nina. She makes lots of new Scottish friends, gets up to tons of mischief and very much makes herself a huge part of Nina's life.

It is a very heartwarming story with lots of funny wee segments in there too. It is also a story that donates back to charity and Nina is donating the profits of the book to the Balkan Underdogs Charity. I have done a wee you tube review you can link to that below.


If you would like to buy the book, best is to go direct to Nina and buy through the author, that way the she is able to donate the maximum amount to the balkan Underdogs charity you can connect with Nina and Donna through their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/amazingadventuresofdonnathedog . You can also buy the book on amazon https://amzn.to/3hUf13j

You can get the book through all good bookshops, if you are local in our area I would ask for it at The Bookmark in Grantown or Waterstones in Aviemore, You can also order it through your local library. If you decide to order it through the link above on amazon, I may get a small affiliate fee. Happy reading.

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